Do The Nose Strips Really Work To Eliminate Blackheads?

If you buy any kind of blackhead treatment, they are supposed to kill blackheads, whether by pulling them out, killing the bacteria, or something else. They have even produced special nose strips as many blackheads are found embedded in the nose. The problem is that in so many cases, they leave the pores open and ready to again be filled with blackheads. And some of them don’t even get rid of blackheads in the first place, having little to no effect on the bacteria or hard oils built up in the pores. But if you know what you are looking for, you can find the best black heads treatments.

If you are looking for a good blackheads treatment, obviously, the first thing to look for is a good antibacterial. Sebum and oils are not the bad guys. In all reality, sebum is necessary. But when bacteria traps it in the pores, you get a recipe for blackheads. When trapped, the sebum hardens and intertwines itself with the bacteria, and then you get blackheads. Second, you want to look for exfoliators or something that would increase skin cell turnover. This will brush away dead skin cells that block the pores and really keep oxygen from getting inside, which would naturally kill some kinds of bacteria. Finally, you want something that will shrink the skin. In no way should you be looking at anything that would dry out your skin. This will only damage your skin and weaken it in its future battles against acne in general.